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About UHA

Utah Heavy Athletics (UHA) was organized to support community diversity, heritage awareness, good sportsmanship and healthy living through participation in Heavy Athletics throughout the state of Utah, specifically Strongman and Highland Games competitions.  

Volunteers within the UHA sports club plan, coordinate, and participate in Strongman competitions and Highland Games and welcome all to join us.  You will find UHA to be a welcoming and inclusive community, encouraging all to get involved in strength sports, and supporting each others' efforts.  


Here are some FAQs for you, but don't be afraid to ask any other questions you may have.  Also, please ‘like’ our Facebook Page if you haven’t already ( (events will be posted on the page with details of the events, in addition to our website), and follow us on Instagram @utahheavyathletics.

Q: Do I have to pay the UHA annual dues to compete?
A: No, paying the annual UHA Membership dues gives you certain benefits, and you are contributing to our organization, but the annual dues are not a requirement for participating in a specific competition.  Each competition will have an entry fee for that event.  Quick note on being part of the community.  One of the best things you can do starting out is to volunteer.  None of us get a paycheck and it takes a lot of work to put on an event.  Helping to set up, take down, judge, shag weights, etc is a great way to familiarize yourself with the events, be part of the community, and we will like you a lot.  (when you do pay the UHA Membership fee, it lasts 1 calendar year from when you pay).

Q: Is a kilt required to compete?
A: For Strongman competitions, no. For Highland Games Competitions, yes. One of our sponsors,, has some affordable options. Ask in our Facebook Group if you're in a pinch and someone might be able to lend you one.

Q: How do I Practice? What should I practice?
A: For Strongman, most of your traditional lifting in the gym will help, but feel free to ask in the group.  Gyms we know of with Strongman equipment to train with are: Black Flag (Sandy), The Sweaty Pig (Murray), The Compound (West Salt Lake), American Viking (Spanish Fork), The Forge (Orem), Valhalla (American Fork), The Training Room (American Fork), The Body Shop (Willard), Lions Pride (Layton), Retro Fitness (Cedar City), Revv Fitness (Hurricane).  For Highland Games, open practices will sometimes be posted on our Facebook Group. Join one to have someone show you the ropes.  You can also ask in the group who might be nearby you and if they are practicing.  Or go grab some makeshift implements and get started. Some descriptions of the Highland Games events are on this website under the Highland Events tab. Many of us just signed up for a Novice or “C Class” division and gave it a go. We have judges at the competition that will assist those groups with instruction.

Q:  What are the different Divisions of competitors for the Highland Games?

A:  All of our divisions are amateur (Pros are invite only).  There are age-based, weight-based, and skill-based classes/divisions.  If you’re over 40, you can join the Masters division (there are also 50+ and 60+ Masters Divisions as well).  If you’re under 200lbs for men and under 150lbs for women you can join a Lightweight division.  For the skill-based classes it goes like this:  Novice, C, B, then A.  When you see an ‘Open Class’ that means athletes that would normally be in different divisions are competing against each other, so a Men's Open class would allow any male athlete to enter. 


Q: What equipment do I need for a competition, and where can I get it?
A:  Strongman gear will be your normal wraps and straps (check the events of the competition you are doing).  The only requirement for a Highland Games is the kilt.  There are other items you'll want, but aren't necessary to get started (a sheaf fork, bladed hammer boots, cleats, tacky and cleaner, athletic tape, towel, sunscreen, snacks, and a toolbox with wheels or bag to carry it all in).  As for where to get these items, feel free to ask on the Facebook group and people will give their opinions on what has worked for them.   

Q: How long is a Competition?
A: Our Strongman events are typically 3-3.5 hrs and usually on the Friday night before the Highland Games. The Highland Games are typically 9 events over a 6-7 hour day (2 stone puts, 2 weights for distance, 2 hammer throws, caber, sheaf, and weight over bar), so bring snacks (most of the time drinks are provided)!  Check in for athletes is usually 1 hour prior to competition time


Q: How do I sign up?
A: Our Event Schedule and Registration can be found on this website under the Registration tab.

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