About UHA

Utah Heavy Athletics (UHA) was organized to support community diversity, heritage awareness, good sportsmanship and healthy living through participation in Heavy Athletics throughout the state of Utah, specifically Strongman and Highland Games competitions.  

Volunteers within the UHA sports club plan, coordinate, and participate in Strongman competitions and Highland Games and welcome all to come join us.  You will find UHA to be a welcoming and inclusive community, encouraging all to get involved in strength sports, and supporting each others' efforts.  

What if I want to compete?

Reach out to us via email, instagram, or facebook.  The facebook group is full of athletes that will answer your questions and help you out.  Or you can just sign up for a competition as a Novice and try it out; we have great judges and mentors that will help you out.  That's the way many of us got involved.  


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