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Privacy Policy

Utah Heavy Athletics (UHA), a non-profit membership organization, strives to provide a world class athletic program that enriches athlete's lives in a safe, fair, fun, family-friendly environment. As such, we pledge our commitment to preserve and protect our members’ rights to privacy and confidentiality as necessary and appropriate. The following Privacy Policy is designed to fulfill this commitment.

UHA may require participants and volunteers (members) to register with the organization and provide personally identifiable information necessary for participation in its programs. For athletes, this information includes name, date of birth, home address, phone numbers and email addresses, emergency contact information, and any medical conditions that may affect the athlete's ability to participate safely. When a credit or debit card is used as a form of payment for any registration or membership fees, this information is used to complete the transaction and is not stored by UHA.

Participants and Volunteers are required to be at least 18 years of age, unless permission is granted from a legal guardian. 

Information disclosures to the Organization are considered private and confidential UHA does not sell or disseminate personally identifiable information. Supporting sponsors are permitted to send information including advertisements to UHA's membership; however, they are not given direct access to membership data. UHA remains the sole owner of its membership data and any dissemination of information or contact with members requires the approval of the UHA Board.

Athlete and volunteer photographs and video may be taken from time to time and used in UHA training and promotional materials as permissioned through the UHA Registration forms. Member identities shall not be divulged in this process and the identities of participants shall be protected in all public forums.

UHA also collects membership information through email correspondence and online forms including surveys, contests and other promotions. This information is entered willingly and knowingly by the user. Additional information that may be automatically collected includes IP addresses, browsers, webpages on UHA sites viewed by users, etc. This information is used by UHA to improve membership communications and experiences with the Organization and may be shared with third party partners in the form of statistical and demographic data, never on an individual basis.


UHA strives to be a transparent nonprofit organization to its membership, this Privacy Policy addresses policies of UHA regarding information collected from UHA's membership, including information collected at registration and directly from the website, and its affiliates.

UHA reserves the right to update and modify this policy at any time by posting modifications on the website,

How do I reach UHA if a privacy issue arises?


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