Highland Games Record Throws set by residents of the State of Utah.

Utah Heavy Athletics desires to ensure that all State Records for Highland Games meet a standard of good sportsmanship & fair competition. To this end, the following rules have been ratified by the UHA board and Athletic Directors.

Highland Games Records for Utah Residents:
For a throwing record (State Record) to be acknowledged by UHA, the following verification process shall be required: 
1)  The athlete must be a Utah Resident.

2)  The athlete must meet Classification requirements prior to the competition, specifically
  a)  weight restrictions for lightweight divisions (the athlete must weigh 200lbs or under for lightweight men, and 150lbs or under for lightweight women)
  b)  age restrictions for Masters classes (the athlete shall present a government issued ID showing their age).
  c) gender restrictions (UHA defers to State and Federal laws and therefore the athlete shall present a government issued ID showing their gender).

3)  The measurement shall be verified by the head judge or a second judge.
4)  Verification that the implement meets standard specifications. (it is the athlete's responsibility to communicate with the athletic director on potential record breaking throws, especially if you are competing outside of a UHA event).
5)  The athlete must pass a drug test for Performance Enhancing Drugs (including anabolic steroids and masking agents) which shall be administered by a 3rd party within 7 days after the potential record throw (an extended timeframe may be granted by the board if the athlete was travelling for the games they set the record in).  Failure of this test, or opting out of this test will result in a 2 year ban from the sport.  UHA will provide our rulings to individual Athletic Directors of outside competitions (not put on by UHA) if they request it, and those Athletic Directors will always have the right to enforce a ban based on a failed test or an athlete opting out of testing as they see fit.  If an athlete has been tested within the past 2 months for a state record, UHA will honor that test for this verification process.  

Potential Records will be validated by a records keeper that is not part of the UHA board, and upon their validation and the meeting of the above requirements the new record will stand as certified.  Shall any of these requirement not be met, the previous record shall stand.  The records keeper shall catalog, maintain, and update these records, as well as make them available to UHA members.  UHA will reimburse all parties for costs of the verification process.  UHA may amend this process as it deems necessary. 

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