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UHA has a season long competition, and these are the rules.  

UHA Season Championship Rules and Guidelines
The 2019 UHA Championship shall start Oct 7th, 2018 and end with the UHA Championship Games on Sept 28th, 2019.

1. Only UHA paid members are eligible to compete for the UHA Championship.

2. An athlete’s scores begin accumulating when UHA membership begins (upon paying).
3. Only marks thrown by a registered participant in UHA sanctioned events are eligible to be counted towards the UHA Championship.
4. The UHA board reserves the exclusive power to determine which events and games are sanctioned.

5.  An athlete must participate in at least 3 UHA sanctioned games during the season to be eligible for rankings.
6.  Athletes must compete in a minimum of 5 events at a single games for their scores from that games to be eligible towards the overall UHA Season Championship.
7.  Athletes competing for the UHA Championship do not need to be Utah residents, but only scores from UHA games are counted as mentioned above.
8.  An athlete’s best throws from UHA sanctioned games will be counted towards the Championship rankings, and made available via NASGA or  

9.  Rankings will be based upon decathlon scoring referencing the most current Utah State Records by division.

10.  Each Athlete’s best throw will be given a point value based on a percentage of the state record in that event. All 9 events will be added together to give the athlete a total score.

Note: How to determine an athlete’s score, (athlete’s best throw / Utah state record = points for event).  Example for open stone, if the state record is 50’0”, that baseline is 1000 points, if an athlete has a best throw of 25’0” their points for open stone would be 500.

11.  Caber will be scored referencing the Caber’s Bradshaw rating ( L*W*T*0.55) & deducting the score given between 9 & 3 (Bradshaw rating – Clock Score Value).

            Note: A perfect 12:00 turn is worth the same points as that cabers Bradshaw Rating. Clock Scores are deducted at 1 point/minute off of 12:00. Degree scores deduct (270 + 1 point/degree) from Bradshaw Rating.

12.   Rankings will be tracked for all men’s and women’s divisions. For any division to be included in the UHA Season Championship there must be a minimum of 3 qualifying athletes. The UHA board has the discretion to not include any division in the Championship.

13.  Which division an Athlete competes in at a given games is between the Athletic Director of said event & the Athlete; poor sportsmanship regarding the athlete’s choice and/or pressuring an athlete to move up will not be tolerated.

14.  The UHA board reserves the right to move an athlete up a division for the sole purpose of fairly operating the UHA Championship rankings.

Note: this is separate from & nonbinding of any AD or Games.
15.  Masters’ division throws will count at any sanctioned event regardless of whether or not there is a masters’ competition, provided the Athlete meets the aforementioned requirements & is at least 40 years old at the time of competition.
16.  Women's division throws will count at any sanctioned event regardless of whether or not there is a women’s competition provided the Athlete meets the aforementioned requirements.

17.  Any athlete who competes in multiple divisions (Masters vs. Open) will have their throws tracked separately for each of those divisions. For example, an athlete cannot combine throws from an A competition and a Masters competition. Those throws would be tracked separately.  Additionally, an athlete cannot claim prizes for multiple divisions.

18.  The athlete in each division with the highest points at the end of the qualifying time period will be considered the UHA Season Champion if all conditions are met. The athletes in each division with the next highest points will be considered the runner-up then the next highest points will be considered the second runner-up.  

19.  When possible, individual prizes will be awarded at the final games.

20.  The UHA board can amend these rules as deemed necessary at any time. 

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